The Problem with “But I think you’re pretty!”

“You’re actually really pretty!” “I had a friend who dated a girl like you and he was so hot.” “But you’re not even that ugly.”

How the fuck am I supposed to answer any of these? Even better, why do people expect me to smile like rainbows are shooting out of my ass and say “Thank you so much, you’re words magically got rid of the years of insecurity and shame of being ugly, wow, if only someone had said that to me earlier!”

No. I don’t think you deserve any more of my time let alone a “thank you” for being a jack ass.

I know what you’re thinking, “Damn, this girl has got to relax. They were just trying to be nice, they didn’t know any better.”

As if it’s my job to educate these people on how to treat others with respect? That their good intentions somehow override any hurt feelings that I got from their careless words? It’s crazy how arrogant and self-entitled some people can be; you read up about people with god complexes and narcissists and you don’t think you’ll ever meet one in real life because those people are nut jobs right? But the truth is, if you look around you you’ll find them anywhere. These people think themselves to be some kind of saviour who expect you to fall at their feet because they don’t call you ugly.

My usual response these days happens to be, “Actually, I am ugly. Is there something wrong with that?”

It shuts them up really quickly.


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