Dandruff and Bug Bites

I’ve had dandruff since middle school and not the simple flake here or there, it was so bad that whenever I wore black my shoulders would be covered in white by the end of the day. I know, yuck. But I guess I should warn you now that this blog isn’t for the faint hearted; I’m ugly and I’m going to expose every ugly and gross thing about me at some point.

There was this thing I used to do where I would flip my hair over and shake out as much dandruff as possible over this black bag I used to have, if only to fulfill my morbid curiosity of seeing how much of my “dead scalp skin” has fallen off. It was really gross (like seriously gross, I was caught by my sister once and she was utterly disgusted) but I felt everyone has a weird fascination for things like that. Ever looked at a rotting animal before and didn’t want to look away? Something like that.

Anyways, I did go to see a dermatologist but all they recommended was to used Selsun Blue or the almighty Head and Shoulders (thanks for the help, doc). They worked, but only if I used them regularly which dried out my hair and made it feel really stringy. I just tried out T/Gel by Neutrogena (not sponsored) earlier and let me tell you my first impressions, it stank. I’m used to Selsun Blue and if you’ve ever smelled it you know it isn’t the best smelling shampoo but T/Gel was way worse. It’s like going into an auto-shop where all they did was melt tires all day. Granted, the main ingredient is Coal Tar so of course it has a very strong smell (and the color is very coal-y) but dear God I was afraid of putting it on my hand much less on my scalp. At the very least, it did stop the itching on my head immediately like it promised. Hopefully T/Gel will serve to be a more permanent solution for my dandruff because honestly, black is one of my favorite colors for clothing and I’m tired of seeing it look like “fresh snow” whenever I scratch my head.

The second thing I want to share with you is that mosquito bites will probably be the death of me. I can see it now, Local Woman Bitten So Much She’s Like A Deflated Balloon With All The Blood That’s Been Sucked Outta Her, More At 10.

Ever since I can remember I was always the one who got bitten by mosquitos the most whenever those horrible little monsters were around. These bites aren’t a small bump either, they manage to swell up and turn bright red alongside the skin surrounding the bite. I’d upload a picture right now– where I have two bites on my right forearm– if not for the fact that I haven’t shaved my arm. I bet you’re all wondering why I don’t just use OFF spray or whatever but it isn’t viable if you’re at the workplace or going somewhere fancy. On top of having my hair smelling like a mechanic’s wet dream, I don’t want to be smelling like mosquito repellent if I can avoid it.


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