A Disclaimer

I didn’t create this blog to put myself down. At least not necessarily. I guess I was just fed up with crying into unfeeling inanimate objects and writing down my feelings into a notebook that won’t comfort me that I decided to make a blog dedicated to these feelings that want to be heard (to strangers apparently).

Now I know that this attempt at some kind of validation or acknowledgement probably won’t leave me feeling too satisfied by the end of the day; we all want someone to hug us and tell us we’re pretty. At the same time, writing on a blog for the online public to see eases the need to speak out, even if just a little.

This is my “I’m here and I’m ugly and I want people to know how that makes me feel!” blog, my “sometimes I’m not okay and I want to vent without someone telling me looks aren’t everything!” blog, and most importantly, this is my “I can be ugly and okay with it and I want to prove it” blog.

This is as much of a self-empowerment project for me as it is a way to share with others who want to know more (or have experienced themselves) the ugly side of society. So I’ll say this once: please, if you have to leave a comment, ask yourself what you would do or say if you received the same kind of comment and if it leaves you feeling kind of shitty, then don’t type it out and leave it for me to deal with. That being said, I hope I’m able to write on here for a long time and be able to share a whole lifetime’s worth of being ugly.


3 thoughts on “A Disclaimer

  1. I have only been doing this for a week and I find writing my thoughts and feelings down help to make me feel at ease and as if I am not alone. I hope this works for you. I am looking forward to reading more so I have followed your blog!


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